Decorating with Christmas Cards

It’s about that time when all the Christmas cards start pouring in. If you’re like me they probably end up in a pile. I feel bad throwing them out but at the same time they offer so many nice messages and reminders of the true meaning of the season that I don’t want to throw them away. So what do you do with your Christmas cards?

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DIY A Garden Planter with Milk Crates

Using milk crates is a simple and low cost way to build your own planter boxes. They are perfect for small space living. You can grow just about anything in them from fresh fruits and veggies to beautiful flowers. Read on to learn how to make them! Continue reading “DIY A Garden Planter with Milk Crates”

DIY Faux Fur Pillow Covers

I’ve been eyeing faux fur pillows for the longest time, but just couldn’t quite justify the cost for even one!! I took a go at making them myself and have to say, I love them! Today I’ll share with you details of this very simple project and give you tips on how to work with fur (or faux fur) because it seemed quite daunting to me at first, but isn’t so bad!

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Reupholstering Dining Chairs for a New Look

Giving your furniture a facelift can help you start to love it again. See how I reupholstered these dining room chairs to rekindle my love for this set! Before and after pictures included.

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