Organize Your Jewelry

I often feel frustrated when I’m taking off my jewelry at the end of the day say for example, place my earrings on the counter, but then they roll! One of these days I think they might fall into the toilet! Or how often do you find that your loose jewelry starts to clutter up the counter?

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How To Paint Old Furniture

After weeks of deliberating on what I would do with these beautiful side tables, I landed on painting them! With an array of colours and paints out there, which one do I chose? I’ll share my journey on how I painted these pieces essentially bringing new life to something old! Continue reading “How To Paint Old Furniture”

Before and After DIY Dresser Makeover

It’s been a great Labour Day long weekend filled with good food, relaxing times, great hiking adventures and even better company. It also felt like the perfect weekend to take on a DIY project! Continue reading “Before and After DIY Dresser Makeover”

How to Build a Low Cost Trellis Using Bamboo

I couldn’t wait for the winer to be over and spring to arrive so I could start planting and working on my balcony garden. I had always wanted to build a trellis and thought this would look really nice in my garden so I figured this was a great opportunity to try!  The only challenge was, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it. Continue reading “How to Build a Low Cost Trellis Using Bamboo”

Creative idea: DIY Wooden Garden Ladder

A couple weeks ago I came home to find about 7 or 8 items being junked outside the condo. From within the pile, I could see a broken tv stand, a dresser with no drawers, a couple pallets, a few other items which were unidentifiable and finally this giant wooden contraption I instantly knew I wanted… Continue reading “Creative idea: DIY Wooden Garden Ladder”