Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

For a while now I’ve been wanting to repaint my kitchen cabinets but the task seemed daunting. The current state of lockdown in my city gave me the necessary push and oddly freed up my schedule to get this task checked off my to-do list! Check out the video I made!

Hey all! Thanks for reading on! So the original colour of my cabinets was a darker walnut shade, and they are laminate. I had a lot of reservations about painting them, because I didn’t know how laminate would fare. Many of you shared lots of videos on what steps you used to paint your cabinets, so thank you for sharing them because I learned a ton! I also had a lot of help from the Home Depot who gave me expert advice!

Of course there were lots of learnings along the way. Living in a condo and having completed this task in the late fall, space was definitely an issue. I had not only the contents of my cupboards EVERYWHERE but I had to use all the floor space I have for the doors to dry. I see the benefit of having a garage, or at least waiting until the weather is warmer so a balcony or outdoor space could be utilized.

Some of the videos I watched in preparation stated not to sand the doors and fixture, but I definitely recommend with laminate to lightly sand the surfaces.

According to the Home Depot, everyone is redoing their kitchen! So if you’re one of those people, I’d love to see what you did. Feel free to send me a message, comment on this post or tag me in your social post! Bye for now!

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