Painting Cabinet Hardware

Does spray painting metal cabinet hardware really work? Are they actually durable?If you’ve been following my instagram stories you’ll know that I’ve been working on repainting my kitchen cabinets and giving my kitchen a makeover.

This has definitely been a task that has proven more challenging then I actually thought it would be.

It’s always a learning experience when it comes to DIY.

So while my doors are sporting a new look, I thought some new hardware might also solidify the change.

As I started looking for new hardware I realized how much this would actually cost. I started to wonder if I could just paint the knobs. Of course I went to YouTube and found some great videos and support.

So I gave it a go! I made my first youtube video in which I shared the steps I took. Check it out here.

You can now follow me on my YouTube channel DIY with tealarrowdesign.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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