DIY Fleece Lining

So you have this amazing winter toque! Maybe you made it, picked it up from the mall, or even got it for Christmas. The only thing is, it doesnt have a lining which makes it not ideal to keep wearing as the temperatures plunge into the depths of winter. Here’s a quick DIY to make your own liner

1.First things first. You’ll have to visit your fabric store or art supply store and pick up fleece. It can help to measure the circumference of your head to help determine how much fabric you need.

2. Lay the hat on the one time folded fleece.

3. Cut along the edge of the hat, but make the fleece hat a bit taller, since knitted or crocheted hats stretch.

4. Sew three darts on each side on the left side of the fabric. …

5. Sew the two fleece parts right side together.

6. Using your sewing machine, sew right around the curve of the fleece.

7. You can sew your fleece lining into your crochet hat by hand.

Here are a few photos and my finished product!!