Decorating with Christmas Cards

It’s about that time when all the Christmas cards start pouring in. If you’re like me they probably end up in a pile. I feel bad throwing them out but at the same time they offer so many nice messages and reminders of the true meaning of the season that I don’t want to throw them away. So what do you do with your Christmas cards?

Today I’m going to show you some tips on what to do with your Christmas cards and how to put them to good use and your Christmas decorating.

For years my mom used to decorate our house with Christmas cards from over the years. She would hang them from the curtain rods. Doing this simple thing just made every corner of the house look more festive.

To do this all you need is some twine. You can tie it from one end of your curtain rod to the other and just make sure that it loosely hangs. Then you can take your Christmas cards and place them along the twine.

I decided to try something different this time. I had a leftover garland from my decorating, so I hung it from a nail hook. Using ribbon I tied each of the cards and created enough slack to hang it from the same nail.

I found a big red bow and used it to finish off the garland.

I’d love to hear your ideas of what you do with your Christmas cards! Can’t believe we’re just a day away from Christmas!!

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