DIY A Garden Planter with Milk Crates

Using milk crates is a simple and low cost way to build your own planter boxes. They are perfect for small space living. You can grow just about anything in them from fresh fruits and veggies to beautiful flowers. Read on to learn how to make them!

A couple of weeks ago when I went to the Stackt Market  I noticed a beautiful display of black milk crates with plants. Since I’ve been trying to make a garden planter for my balcony, and feeling a bit overwhelmed a thought of building my own, I thought this would be the easiest thing to do.

I didn’t really have a plan in mind but talked to a few people with horticultural expertise to give me some guidance. I gave it a go, and now am going to share with you what I did.

It’s very very easy… and pretty awesome.

Here’s what you’ll need for your milk crate garden!

  • A milk crate (I used 4 and stacked them. You’ll have to make your design based on your space)
  • Landscaping fabric. Make sure you get the fabric, not the plastic-y kind. You’ll want it to be 36in wide. I used 6 feet of this fabric.
  • Potting soil- good quality soil, you want it nice and fluffy soil that will drain well.
  • scissors
  • plants or seeds
  • stapler
  • chalk

First lay out your fabric and set your milk crate on top to get a good measurement. You want to get about an inch overhang on each side.

Now do that again – you’ll have 2 pieces of the same size.

Next cut out the fabric.

Once your fabric is cut out in a cross shape, use a stapler to staple the sides together.

You may want to fold the excess cloth over the sides, inside, or even trim it.

Now carefully add in your dirt, pour it slowly so that your fabric doesn’t come loose. Once you have it all filled with potting soil tuck in your plants or seeds.

And that’s it! Don’t forget to give the plants or seeds a good soak! Thanks for visiting the blog today! Happy Gardening!



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