Make The Perfect Christmas Table Decor

Decorating your table for the season is always lots of fun especially when you can incorporate festive and even natural elements. Here are some simple tips to make your Christmas table decor one to remember!

One of the best things I love about table decor is that you can add so many different layers that you can easily transition from an every day look for the season to that perfect centrepiece at your dinner party. Today I’m going to take you through the layers my table decor this Christmas season and show you the final product!

First I started with a green garland, but just looking at it on the table, looked a little bare. A table cloth could work, but I found a burlap table runner. So my first layer became the burlap table runner. Next I added the green garland straight across the table, fluffing up the branches, and folding it so it looked luscious!

I got these red tea lights flavoured cinnamon and spice which smell AMAZING! So I placed them around the garland, peeking out here and there. Again same thing, it looked almost bare or somewhat unfinished…


At Homesense I found these wood coaster with snowflakes! What I decided to do was place these coasters under the tea lights! Loved it! It looked so much better!

In my next layer I started weaving these beautiful ornaments from The Bombay Company in and around the garland branches.

Next I incorporated these antlers into the garland, tucking them on the sides to add some more definition. PSX_20181220_123242.jpg

Finally, my centrepiece! Using a tall cylinder vase, I filled it with small red and gold ornaments. They were different patterns of solids, stripes and glitter!

So after all these layers, here is what my final table decor looks like, and when we have dinner, I easily can take out the garland, just keeping the centrepiece vase with ornaments. Hopefully this has been some inspiration for making your own Christmas table decor. Thanks for visiting the blog today!

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