How to Macrame a Plant Hanger

Learning how to macrame may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out this simple tutorial and you’ll see how easy it really is!

Making a macrame plant hanger has been on my “DIY-to-do” list. Finally I got around to it. Today I want to share my journey in making it. I found and followed a really great youtube video which I definitely recommend following too. There you’ll find all the details of what you’ll need and the tutorial. For ease, I’ve just shared the same details here with tips of what worked for me.

Here is the Macrame Hanger Tutorial

What you’ll need

  • 8 pieces of 15 foot cotton cord (3mm)
  • 2 inch ring
  • 2 pieces of 5 foot cord for loop knots

Start by gathering all 8 pieces of cord, fold in half and loop through ring

Then do a loop knot using one of your 5 ft cords. I found this a bit tricky, but the video was really helpful to do it step by step.

Take 4 strands and do a square knot, and then repeat the square knot 6 times. My challenge here was remembering which side I knotted last to get that nice pattern! TIP: Alternate which side you start your square knot with.

Then repeat this for all the strands in groups of 4


2.5 inches down do a half square knot and repeat. Make a 5″ spiral.

I had some difficulty making a spiral which I figured out was because I was alternating sides to make the square knot.


TIP: Start your square knot on the same side for the entire 5″. This will create the spiral.


Now you have to connect the strands. So take the right 2 cords from one section and the left 2 cords from the next section and about 6″ down make 2 square knots.

Then another 6 inches down connect the right 2 strands from one section to the left 2 strands of the adjacent section.


To end the plant hanger, gather the strands and make a final loop knot using your other 5 ft cord to hold it together. If you can’t remember how to do a loop knot I recommend watching the video.

Finally, cut off the extra strands to make the tassel

And there you have it! You can hang your new macrame plant hanger indoors from a ceiling hook, or outdoors from a fence hook in your backyard.

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