Organize Your Hair Care Tools

Organize your hair care tools using this over-the-door styling caddy! This has to be the best invention for controlling your bathroom clutter. Find out more here. 

I’m always getting frustrated with my hair dryer or hair straightener cords getting tangled and knotted making it practically impossible to free! Of course this always seem to happen when I’m in a rush. The other day I was online shopping when I came across this over-the-door styling caddy. I secretly wished for it but never got around to actually getting it! I continued to be stuck with my never-ending frustration of tangled cords.


I celebrated a birthday recently, and what did I get? An over-the-door styling caddy!

It fits easily over my vanity cupboard door, and doesn’t interfere with anything else under the sink making even more storage available!


It’s fairly wide and deep which allows me to put quite a bit in there too, yet easy enough to see and get what I need.


So here it is, finally organized. I love how it has specific spaces for the hair dryer and hair brush. fullsizeoutput_532


If you’ve had the same frustrations I’ve had, make sure you go get one of these! Thanks for visiting the blog today!


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