Why you should always paint your furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint

So you’re tired of that old side table. The paint is chipped and weathered. You can’t really tell what colour it is anymore. You have two options, either give it away, or repurpose it to make it look new again!

The biggest dilemma you may have to solve, is figuring out which paint you want to use. There are so many great products on the market.

I am always looking for something easy to use, especially since I live in a condo. I need to be able to use it in a small space, indoors or on the balcony. Ive had experiences using spray paint indoors and between not having proper ventilation and being unable to contain the actual spray in a small space, it was disastrous.

The next thing I consider is cost and finally coverage. If you’re buying a product that requires multiple coats of paint, consider how much paint you’ll have to buy and how that will impact your budget.

I learned about Fusion Mineral Paint a few years ago at the Home Show in Toronto. I couldn’t believe how many trendy and gorgeous colours they had. I started experimenting with the tester pots.

I instantly fell in love with Fusion. The paint was so easy to apply with a paint brush. It didn’t give off toxic odours so I felt comfortable to use it indoors. I was so impressed that I only had to use one coat of paint on my side table and it provided full coverage, and I still had half a tester pot of paint left over! Finally the price was right!

Since my experience with Fusion, I’m convinced that this product is excellent and I will be using it for all my furniture painting needs.

Here are some of my favorite projects with Fusion’s Mineral Paint.

I used Damask to paint these vintage side tables. It was an incredible colour which sadly isn’t sold anymore.

I used Casement to repaint this bar stool.

Hope you also enjoy your Fusion furniture painting fun! Here’s a quick link for you to find out where Fusion Mineral Paint is sold. I can’t wait to try the new English Rose. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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