DIY Faux Fur Pillow Covers

I’ve been eyeing faux fur pillows for the longest time, but just couldn’t quite justify the cost for even one!! I took a go at making them myself and have to say, I love them! Today I’ll share with you details of this very simple project and give you tips on how to work with fur (or faux fur) because it seemed quite daunting to me at first, but isn’t so bad!

What you’ll need to make covers for 18×18″ pillows:

  1. 0.5m of white faux fur (I did white)
  2. 0.5m of a cotton fabric (again chose white)
  3. Upholstery thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Pins
  6. Sewing machine

If you have an old cushion cover from the pillow you want to replace, use this as your stencil for the size. I added 1″ around the borders. To cut the fur use the scissors and do very small cuts moving forward so you don’t cut the fur.

I had a lot of extra fur coming off the ends so I found tape (or a lint brush would also work) and a Swiffer extremely handy.

Once you have cut 2 squares of your fur, set that aside.

Now cut the same size squares from your cotton fabric, and set that aside.

Layer your fresh cut fabrics starting with the cotton and then faux fur on top, but face down. When working with faux fur, make sure all your stray ends are tucked inside.

If you find it too messy, use painters tape to hold the fur back. Then pin your fabrics together on three sides. Otherwise you can skip the tape, and go right to pinning, just gently tucking the fur inside.

I set up my new sewing machine, so I was pretty eager to use it. I have to say, having experienced making cushion covers by hand, using a machine makes it way easier. Sew your fabric on the three sides you just pinned.

Turn your fabric right side out. From here, you could put a zipper on the fourth side. I sewed my pillow into the new cover by hand. This way it’s easy enough to take the stitching out when I get tired of it…if I get tired if it.

For now, I can’t believe how awesome these pillows look and I definitely didn’t think they’d be this easy. They’re incredibly soft and cuddly. I won’t be getting tired of these anytime soon!


PSX_20180117_223203 (1)

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