Energy Saving Tips to Dwell Happy during Winter

Winter is here with a vengeance (and it seems too early!). Get your home ready with these simple tips which are sure to help you save money on your energy bills.

Vancouver is known as the glass city, which is very true when you simply scan the city line and see loads of beautiful glass condos. This also makes sense given the milder winters they have. Moving to Toronto, I was also pretty surprised to notice loads of glass condos as well! Obviously designers know that a glass face is far more appealing to buyers than concrete, however I challenge the practicality of this.  Living in a condo with glass windows has wonderful benefits such as allowing so much light in, or making you feel like you’re living in a fish bowl and your neighbours can literally watch the story of your life (I say that with sarcasm of course!) Come wintertime, I notice a little draft by the window, especially if it’s one you can open. I also notice the floor get’s quite cold right near those outside facing walls. It’s frustrating to know that while you recognize these problems, you still need to stay warm and healthy but with the cost of electricity bills being so high its really not ideal. Today I’ll share with you some tips on ways to conserve energy and consequently money!

  1. Seal the leak! Weather stripping is extremely useful, though if you live in a condo, this is not allowed as it changes the building air pressure. Other options include using a plastic covering over the windows or a Window Insulating Kit . These types of products have been shown to improve the energy efficiency of your home.PSX_20180110_112402
  2. Use LEDS– Totally ideal. I’ve recently learned a lot about LEDs. Do you like warm white, soft white, bright white? LEDs use the same wattage, and have more lumens, but interestingly consume far less energy then a regular bulb. They utilize, 46% less electricity than a regular bulb. They last 9 years, which means you don’t have to spend as much money buying replacements (the environment will thank you for less waste!) 
  3. Reuse– This one is just more of a common sense one, but here’s an idea, why not use the heat from your oven to also heat your home when you’re baking or broiling a dish for the family.

For more details check out Save on Energy or visit Toronto Hydro for tips to help you be winter wise.

Give yourself a pat on the back for being environmentally friendly! Breathe a sigh of relief that you can finally dwell happy at not wasting your hard earned dollars. With all that money you saved, I recommend using these savings to treat yourself to a hot destination vacation next winter!

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