Get Your Home Holiday Ready in $100

The holidays are a really great time to go all out for Christmas decorations, however it can add up! If you don’t have a big budget for decorations, thats okay. Today I’m going to share with you cheap and easy tips for getting your home holiday ready and all within a $100 budget.

Today I took on a challenge of trying to get my home holiday ready on a budget of $100. I put together some tips and ideas of places that I went to and styling trends that I did just to make my budget work. I hope you find it helpful and I’m sure that you’ll come away with some new ideas that will inspire you to do some things in your home.

For starters, I went to my favourite place to get so much for so little, the Dollar Store. They have tons of great things things that sparkle, like tinsel, and ornaments, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper and pretty much all the kinds of things that you can buy at any other store but for between $1 to $3.

From here I went to Michael’s. I picked up the greenery like 9′ garlands, some faux branches and even found a small 24″ Christmas tree. Everything was super marked down which was amazing and totally made by budget work. On the flip side, if these items weren’t marked down Michael’s also puts out really awesome coupons for 40% to 55% off, so you know you’re always getting a great deal with those coupons too. Then I went  Canadian Tire for strands of lights; Winners for wood coasters and finally the Bombay where I found these amazing marked down animal patterned icicle ornaments.

Now I know you’re itching to see some photos of what I did, so here they are! Back at home, I started with decorating my tree dolled it up with a bow, tinsel and ornaments. I found some polyfill left over from reupholstering my chairs, and used it at the base of the tree.

I don’t have many flat surfaces, but my TV stand counts, so I glammed it up with a beautiful garland and again garnished it with some ornaments both from the dollar store, and the Bombay Company as well as tea lights. Actually on a side note I had some tea lights left over from the year before that smell like cinnamon.

On my dining room table I made a centrepiece. Instead of laying out the garland right across the table I decided to turn it into a wreath. In the centre I placed a vase that I normally have a white candle in, but now filled it up with ornaments that I picked up from the dollar store. I got wood coasters from Winners that I placed on the table with tea lights on them, so they look pretty good.PSX_20171218_210450.jpg

PSX_20171218_185829.jpgNow the final touches, and probably the cheapest using wrapping paper and ribbon, I wrapped one of my paintings up on the wall and put a bow on it, so it looks like a present.PSX_20171217_190007

In one of my empty frames I also put a red tinsel wreath hanging in the middle. PSX_20171217_102706.jpg

Finally I wrapped up some empty shoe boxes that I had mostly to be decoration by the tree until I actually get my act together to wrap my actual presents. These boxes are what I’m planning to use for storage of these new decorations when the season’s over. What a fun challenge to take on today! And the grand total in case you’re wondering came in at $80! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you all have a lovely time with your family and friends. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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