A Bath Bomb Tutorial and Recipe

Secret Santa is always a fun way to get in on the gift exchange while keeping the number of people you need to buy for manageable. I’ve seen so many posts on Pinterest for great bath bomb recipes, and they say it’s really easy! I had to see for myself, and Secret Santa, was the perfect excuse to try this out.

The Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe I used is from the Bulk Barn website, and they make it even easier because all the ingredients I used were purchased there. The only difference from the recipe, is that mine were lavender, and I used purple food colouring.

So as you can see, start by getting all your ingredients together. Easily enough, you can get it all from the Bulk Barn.


Once I mixed it all up, I added a little more food colouring just to make it that perfect lavender colour.PSX_20171217_220431.jpgFill up your mould and press the mixture in tightly. Then let it air dry. While some say an ice cube tray works, from my perspective, I’d recommend something with a lid. When they are partially dry, make sure to take them out and let them fully dry on a tray. PSX_20171211_180801.jpg

These bath bombs are exactly what you need to help you relax after a busy day. Whether you decide to keep them for yourself, or give them away as a gift, they’ll definitely be appreciated. Enjoy!


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