Organizing Kitchen Cupboards

Organizing your kitchen cupboards can definitely help make it easier to find things, plus you’d  be surprised at how much more space you have! Before and after pictures included as well as tips for small spaces.

Another rainy Saturday got me thinking, it’s about time I organized my cupboards! I’m a sucker for bulk foods. If you’re like me and enjoy variety with what you eat, you can literally get little bits of everything without having to commit to buying the big product at the grocery store! Over time however it gets harder and harder to know what you actually have. I noticed when I would reach for one thing, a few other things would tumble out! Yikes!

So many spices and so little space!

See what I mean? I have so many spices that I don’t even know what I have!



Spices are one of those things I like to buy when I travel. On my trip to India I bought a variety of spices and they came in small packages. Once I opened them, they stayed in the small package and were sealed with a rubber band. This is the end of that!


These magnetic spice jars have made my spice organizing so much better! They are easy to use, and easy to refill!


For the Sumac from Qatar I found a David’s Tea tin.


One of the best things is the magnetic backing on these spice containers. Rather then putting them in the cupboard again, I simply stuck them on the fridge. Now it’s easy to get what I need and I have more cupboard space!


Rice, quinoa, dried fruits and nuts

All things that are in abundance in my cupboards at any given time. Using these jars I got from the Dollarama, I found new homes for these items. Goodbye bulk bags!





I’m not much of a baker so you won’t find many baking supplies readily available in my cupboards. That being said, I’ve been experimenting with different flours like coconut, almond, brown rice and white rice flours. Where to put them all?


I got a big jar and just put them all together. Again it’s not something I use often so when I do, I’ll have the time to sort through my flours!


Freebies and samples

Do you find samples and freebies getting lost in your cupboards, and when you stumble upon them, they’ve already expired?! I get so many samples from race expos and on race days, plus I’m a valued SampleSourcer! My best suggestion for these items, is to keep them visible! That way you’ll remember to use them.


Now looking at my cupboards, I can’t believe how spacious they look. Here is how they looked before and after.






It’s as if there’s more room for me to buy more stuff!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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