Watercolour Painted Palms

I took my first watercolour class when I was 10, and have spent time here and there dabbling with different paints. But, there is something about watercolour that is beautiful and unpredictable.  When the trend for palm prints happened I wanted to get in on it, but the DIY in me thought, I’m sure I can find a way to make my own palm designs. I’ll show you how I painted by own palms.

I debated between using acrylic or watercolour paints, eventually landing on watercolour colour mostly because of one thing, I have no idea how this will turn out, and watercolour has the ability to be flexible and can easily make a mistake look planned!

I began by doing a rough sketch of the palm designs. 

I blended my watercolour paint to the colour I wanted. I chose to use darker lines to create definition and then use water to soften them, by brushing the colour to create coverage over the palm. 

I used mixtures of a lighter green and yellow to create further definition.

And the final product!

Here are my recommendations when starting out with watercolour.

  1. Take a class-Having the guidance from an experienced artist is key. This way you will learn about the paint and how to work with it.
  2. Get quality supplies – If unsure, definitely visit one the art supply stores like Curry’s or DeSerres for example if in the GTA.
  3. Get to know your palette– It’s really easy with watercolour to mix and create different shades of colours. So feel free to experiment with colours!
  4. Keep paper towel handy– always helpful to keep paper towel handy for things like dabbing your art if you’ve accidentally used too much water. Also helpful for drying your brush, or sometimes even testing a colour.
  5. Make mistakes – Painting with watercolours is so different from painting with acrylics. Sometimes making a mistake can add to your creativity.

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