3 Simple Steps For Your Amazing Indoor Herb Garden

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging but with good reason! In July I did my first triathlon which was so much fun. After completing it, I’ve been getting a lot of outdoor time soaking up summer with camping and other weekend getaways. I’m starting to notice that the sun is slowly starting to set earlier; it’s getting cooler in the evening and the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is on which typically marks the end of summer here in Toronto.

My plants outside on the balcony have done really well this summer but eventually with fewer hours of sun and cooler temps, they usually die. However, it’s my goal to keep my herb garden alive year round. Having fresh herbs readily available on hand to add to cooking and baking is always so handy! I’m going to show you how I started an indoor herb garden in 3 really easy steps, and it’s so easy that you should do it too!

1. Gather what you will need

  • Soil
  • Herb seeds or herb plants
  • Tin cans (for as many herb plants as you need)
  • Can opener (something to make a hole in the bottom of the tin)


2. Plant your herbs
I reused 6 bean and tomato tin cans. I planted some of the herbs, which grow bushier like basil, rosemary and mint, in the larger tomato cans. I liked being able to reuse the cans, plus they can look a bit rustic.


Puncture some holes at the bottom of your cans for drainage and to avoid root-rot. Top the cans with soil about 3/4, and place your seeds in, then covering the seeds with about an inch of more soil.

Once you are finished planting all your seeds, it’s a good idea to give the pots a good soaking with water.

3. Water and find the right lighting

Water and good lighting are two key things to the success of your plants. I watered these plants every 2-3 days. During the hot summer weather they stayed out on the balcony in direct sunlight, which I think led to this success a few weeks later.

Now that they are indoors, they are actually in the same place just on the other side of the glass, receiving direct sunlight. I continue to water them every 2-3 days. Not only does having an indoor herb garden look amazing, but they make my apartment smell incredible!

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