A DIY Bar Stool Makeover

Just a few weeks back we were walking around Homesense. There is always so much great stuff, and it never goes without fail that we leave with more than we planned! Tucked away at the back of the store was the clearance section. It was here that this great stool was spotted.


It had originally been priced at $79 but looked like it got a little banged up somewhere along it’s journey, so it was repriced at $18! The legs had a few chips in the wood and it looked like wood glue was used to hold together a crack, but then it dribbled down into a big glob at the bottom. It seemed quite realistic to fix and maybe even make it over!

The easiest place to start was to sand down the legs. It was most helpful and quick to use a power sander.

I applied a wood filler to the wood chipped areas, and gently built them up slowly, as well as used the sander to create a nice smooth finish.

I was able to use the sander to even smooth out that glob of wood glue at the bottom of one leg. Using tack cloth, just gave the legs a good wipe down and set that aside. Because I used wood filler, I had to paint the legs as opposed to varnish, so for that reason, I was already creating a new look for this stool in my head.

The metal ring was in good shape but the fabric I wanted to use for the seat would look better with gold, so it got spray painted!


I went back to the legs again, and this time put a primer on, then sanded that down and finally painted it with Casement by Fusion.

The cushion was already upholstered nicely but I had some left over fabric from my latest cushion covers that I wanted to use. So I reupholstered my new fabric over the old one (just in case I want to go back to the grey in the future!) and used a staple gun to keep it in place!

Once everything was dry, I used the allan key to put at the parts back together.


Now here you can see the before and after!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! If you celebrated Canada 150 this weekend like me, or Independence Day, I sincerely hope your celebrations were memorable! Cheers!


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