Make Your Own Long Necklace with Tutorial and Pendant Ideas

Like fashion, jewelry trends come and go, but if you’re crafty, hang on to those gems, because you can make something new from it. If you’re not crafty, then you’ve come to the right place, because I’ll show you some quick and easy steps to making your own long necklace and even give you some ideas for the pendant.

What you’ll need:

  1. Chain – about 36″ *avoid small linked chains because you won’t be able to get a jump ring in the links.
  2. Jump rings -1
  3. Flat head plier
  4. Rounding plier
  5. Cutting plier


The Chain:

Most chains are 16″ or 18″ in length, however for long chains it’s really up to you. Likely it’ll be somewhere around 32″.  I’d recommend picking up 36″ of chain from your craft store, and give yourself room to play.

Cut your preferred necklace length using the cutting plier.

To join the chain you can use a jump ring or a clasp. I like to use a jump ring, because I slip the necklace over my head and wouldn’t use a clasp anyways. Open the jump ring using the flat head pliers, link the chain, and then close the jump ring.

The Pendant:

Feathers are pretty common. For this one, you’ll need to find a feather pendant at your craft store, and will just need a jump ring to slide your pendant onto your chain.


A gemstone. So many colours and sizes! If you use a gemstone, find one that has a hole drilled into it, so this way you can put a flat head pin. Use your rounding plier to curve the pin at the top and link it onto your chain.


A cluster is very unique and you can tailor it to your preference. Here I used real feathers and paired them together with a clamp. I added a pearl with a chain, and a key with a little jewel.


I hope you have found this little tutorial helpful. I would love to know what long necklace DIY you come up with!


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