Decorating An Apartment Balcony for Summer

This stylish budget friendly apartment balcony is sure to give you some ideas to step up your outdoor game.

This weekend had to be the perfect weekend to get outside and start cleaning up after the winter. I’ve talked about getting on with planting but have been holding off  because of the unpredictable temperatures we’ve been having. I’m over it! I started out cleaning the windows and window panes which have a considerable amount of dirt! Oh and don’t get me started on the patio furniture I left outside, so filthy. I actually did two rounds of cleaning of the windows and patio furniture.

I absolutely love this sectional that I picked up during last summer season from Lowe’s. It was pretty key last year and gives me another lounging space. Perfect for those days you want to read a book outside.

Fort York had an outdoor concert happening this weekend featuring Canadian bands like Broken Social Scene, Feist, Portugal. The Man, and so many more. I felt like I had VIP access, being able to hear the music from my balcony, but without the crowds.

Almost all of the indoor plants have been relocated outside. While some of them like different amounts of light, I gave them all a new home according to their preference. On Saturday, the weather was so beautiful. After my run, I biked over to the garden centre to pick up a few more plants, but this time for some colour!

The most unique thing about my balcony space has to be these outdoor cushion covers. I made them a couple years ago. I saw the fabric from a store in the Fashion District in Toronto. I just loved the bright colours, the retro feel, and to top it off, I think they coordinate so well with my outdoor patio cushions! It was meant to be!


So to sum it up, here are some key decorating tips for your balcony to stay on a budget. You want to find a good patio set that you will use. Whether it be something to lounge on, or a table and chairs, get what you want, because in the long run, more money is spent on getting temporary things vs. getting the thing you want.  Aside from Lowe’s, Costco also has some great finds, and now that Wayfair is in Canada, you may find some great things from them too. Next, you’ll need some plants. It’s quite easy to grow from seeds, but if you want them now, like the Home Depot commercial, go to Home Depot. Most places will start putting their annuals on sale in June. For tables, or shelving, you can get creative using recycled wood pallets, or wine crates. Finally for any accents like throw pillows or throw blankets, consider even making them yourself. Otherwise, a visit to Winners, Marshalls, or HomeSense may be in order! At the end of it all, just have fun! There are so many great decorating ideas out there so just decorate to your style! Thanks for stopping by the blog today.

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