6 Indoor Plants Your Home Needs

It’s so funny how the weather can really influence how productive you are. Typically, every May long weekend is the kick off to summer, however with below seasonal temperatures this year I’m sure many green thumb enthusiasts have opted to postpone gardening just a little longer. In the mean time, my apartment looks barren and is desperately in need of some greenery!

I’ve put together a list of low maintenance plants that are sure to liven up your space indoors during the winter months, and ones that will do well soaking up some sun outside during the summer months.


A low maintenance succulent. Yes I know she’s just a baby, but one day, she’ll do great things like purify my air!


Cacti thrives in warm sunny environments, and during the winter it’ll love a centrally heated home. They also don’t need much water.

Spider plant:

Quite easy to grow and can survive in low lighting spaces.

Banana Plant:

Of all these low maintenance plants, this one is probably the fussiest but not by much. I found that once the sun became more hot in the evenings I had to water it more, but I see new shoots coming out, so I think i’ll re-plant in a bigger pot!

Indoor Palm Plant: 

These are fairly slow to moderate growers. I only water this when the soil is dry, and then I give it a good drenching. That’s about it.

The Snake Plant:

I’ve heard it also called mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria). It’s got thick waxy leaves and loves being in an pot. It’s the kind of plant you can forget about for weeks and it will be perfectly happy.  I used to work at the Royal Botanical Gardens in my student years, and this plant always made my life easy, because it didn’t give me much work to do! Sadly I don’t have one…yet.

When you’re out shopping for indoor plants, don’t forget to take this list with you! I hope you all have had a nice May long weekend!

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