Organize Your Jewelry

I often feel frustrated when I’m taking off my jewelry at the end of the day say for example, place my earrings on the counter, but then they roll! One of these days I think they might fall into the toilet! Or how often do you find that your loose jewelry starts to clutter up the counter?

I had this idea in my head of looking for a small dish to keep the jewelry I wear everyday, safe from rolling off the counter, getting lost, or possibly even falling into the toilet. Of course, I decided, if I didn’t find it, I would have to make one!

In February I traveled to Vietnam. I visited Hanoi and the beautiful Ha Long Bay in the north.  I also went to Ho Chi Minh City in the south, and my favourite, Hoi An. In each of these places I couldn’t get enough of the Pho, Bun Cha, and specifically in Hoi An, Cao Lau. All of these dishes were flavoured so generously with herbs and for the most part was easiest to eat with chopsticks and a spoon. During the days there was so much to do and see. It was almost without question that there was easily so much I wanted to buy! One of the best markets I went to was in Hoi An. I found this one stall where you could buy small tea cups, saucers, porcelain spoons, bowls, plates…you name it! I wanted desperately to buy a set, but knew for sure they wouldn’t make it home without a crack! Amongst all these porcelain dishes I found smaller bowls, which I think were for the spoons, but there were so many neat designs and colours!


I found one with dragonflies which I really liked. The dragonflies were unique and quite pretty! It was the perfect size that it would be small enough for holding jewelry but not too large that it would look out of place! Even though I know it’s supposed to be for eating, I don’t see why it can’t have another purpose!

My little jewelry dish traveled home safely with me, and now I keep the dish on my bathroom counter. I find it so helpful, that at the end of the day, when I remove my jewelry, it all goes there! Safe from being misplaced, keeps my counter free from pesky loose jewelry and finally safe from rolling off the counter! Sometimes things can have multiple purposes and I think it goes without saying that being creative challenges you to think outside the box!! I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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