A Simple Floral Centerpiece

I was out running this weekend and noticed the buds on the trees, birds chirping and pockets of flowers sprouting from the ground! It’s a beautiful time of year when we can finally put our winter coats away and embrace the warm weather ahead.

Even my plants sitting calmly by the window are sprouting new buds and appear eager to get back outside!!

Easter this year was a blast. The whole family was together just like at Christmas with the exception of our Florida family. Decorating for Easter is always fun with yummy chocolate treats, spring colours, floral themes and egg decorating. Floral centrepieces are always a good choice this time of year. Regardless of what you choose, the flowers will definitely brighten up any living space.

This forsythia plant comes up every spring along side my uncles house. With so many branches and so many flowering buds, it looks absolutely brilliant! He was kind enough to share some with me. I just keep them in water and these flowers last at least 2 weeks!!

I see so many floral posts on dwelling gawker, so obviously great minds think alike!  What kind of flower arrangements do you have for your centrepiece? Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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