Creating Zones in an Apartment

Living in an apartment has its ups and downs. For example, I love Saturday morning cleaning because it doesn’t take more than 30 min to have this space sparkling. One of my main grumbles is that with an open layout, it’s hard to create zones within the space. It’s almost as if one area blends into another. I feel this way especially about my kitchen, dining and living space.  I have tried different wall paint, different decor themes, but still felt my dining space was lacking something.

As I looked hopelessly at it, I considered using an area rug. With so many sizes, designs and thickness options, there is so much to choose from. I found one that had neutral tones as well as also incorporated the zebra print which my living space has. When  it arrived, I eagerly set it up under the dining set. Standing back, I reexamined my decision. Finally I felt like my dining room has a zone. Interestingly, I think the area rug also makes my apartment look bigger!

Here are some helpful tips that will help you to figure out what you need in an area rug to create zones in an open space.

Area Rug Size

For a dining area rug, it should be large enough that when you pull out your chair, the legs don’t go over the edge. It’s really awkward and annoying to have the rug curling under the chair as you pull it in and out.  If you’re not sure what size to get, use painters tape on the floor under your table and chairs to simulate the size and help you decide what works best.


It’s your choice to go with a solid or a patterned rug. I love zebra print, so that was a no brainer!


I prefer a low pile area rug in the dining area. It makes it easier for moving chairs, and any clean up that may need to happen.

In a living space I definitely prefer a medium to high pile rug. It’s a comfortable space so why not get a comfortable rug especially if you like sitting on the floor!

I’m really happy that I was able to create a dining space zone in my apartment. And all it took was an area rug! I’m also very happy to be able to share my findings and hope if you’re in the same predicament, you’ll find this post helpful!

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