How To Paint Old Furniture

After weeks of deliberating on what I would do with these beautiful side tables, I landed on painting them! With an array of colours and paints out there, which one do I chose? I’ll share my journey on how I painted these pieces essentially bringing new life to something old!

img_3538Generally with old furniture that you want to repaint, it’s always a good idea to sand it down, either manually or with a liquid sander. Even though these tables were pretty old and worn, I still sanded just to give the new paint something to grab. That being said, if you are doing it by hand, you only need to rough up the surfaces, not remove the old colour or stain completely.


I went to the Toronto Home Show in the fall 2016, where I saw the Fusion booth. I was pretty amazed at the model pieces they had on display. I couldn’t believe how little paint was needed to paint a chair, or a table! I had to see for myself. I picked up a pot of Damask, a beautiful soft pink.


I did 2 coats of paint on each table just to have uniform coverage, plus, the intricate details on the tables made it difficult to cover on the first coat.


They dried pretty quickly but just to be sure, I kept them in the living room overnight. Fusion’s paint coverage is perfect, and after 2 coats on each of these tables, I haven’t even used half of the pot! I’m so glad I decided to paint these tables. I think their new look is completely fresh and looks pretty sharp!


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