Celebrate The Holidays In Style: Sparkle Bracelet


There isn’t a better time to wear sparkly and glittery things than the holidays! That however doesn’t mean you have to drop big bucks. Take a look at this bracelet for example which was really low cost, very easy to make and not to mention makes any basic outfit look amazing. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you! Read on for the tutorial!

What you’ll need:

  • 12 beads that sparkle. It’s your choice what size and style you want. These are about 2cm in diameter
  • 12 Swarovski crystals (size 4mm)
  • Clear elastic, which you can pick up at any craft store, cut to the desired length. (6″ or 8″)
  • You will also need some tools like wire cutters or scissors to cut the elastic, and a flat head plier
  • 2 crimps


  1. Start by securing your crimp to the elastic by using the flat head plier. I recommend doing this so your beads don’t fall off the other end. If you’re really skilled, no need to worry about this step!
  2. Begin to thread the larger sparkly beads followed by the Swarovski crystals alternating. img_3742_fotor3. Once you have threaded on your beads, carefully cut off the first crimp. Now you can feed both ends of the elastic through the new crimp,and literally crimp the elastic ends. (See below)img_3737_fotor Now you have a handmade sparkle bracelet for the holidays, and with this bracelet, you will definitely spend the moments of Christmas in style!



As I am off to warmer climates and celebrating the coming holiday festivities in Florida, definitely continue to follow me through social media. Consider this post my fall finale with new blog posts resuming in January! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!


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