Bedroom Restyle Reveal

Here we are folks! I have finally finished my room makeover and am so excited to share it with you. I took lots of pics along the way but today is all about the finished product!!

This is a picture of how my room looked before.

I styled this in 2010, so 6 years later I want a room with more maturity, boldness and elegance. Plus, who doesn’t love a makeover?!

I was visiting Home Smith in Roncesvalles when I saw this navy wall paper in the back room. It was textured with leaf and pineapple designs. I found out that the wallpaper was by Thibaut. (@Thibaut_1886). Definitely check them out! Then came my debate of wallpaper vs. paint…hmm? I decided on paint.

Home Smith is also one of 2 stores in Toronto that carries Fusion paints which are fantastic and my favorite for painting furniture. I just fell in love with the Damask, which is a soft pink with hint of mauve.

I couldn’t resist the navy blue and pink combo, and was also reassured by the ladies at Home Smith it was a good idea.

As for decor, I wanted to stick with warm tones so I reupholstered my headboard from a neutral leopard print to a heavier woven fabric in a tan colour. I also needed a break from chrome and chose a warmer metallic tone….champagne mist to be exact by Rust-O-leum.
Finally, simple gold frames on the wall with antler designs that I drew and shaded.

It feels great to have accomplished this makeover and now I can just enjoy it! I’m so in love with my new room! I have to give a special thanks to the wonderful people at Home Smith on Roncesvalles and Nesters in the Beaches. Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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