Exciting Bedroom Restyle (Check Out the Progress!)

A few weeks back I took on a project to restyle my bedroom. I had some ideas of what I wanted to do without a real plan of how it was going to take form. Suffice it to say that nothing is going smoothly! I have had all kinds of blips along the way which needed some creative problem solving. I guess that’s what makes designing and and diy’ing so interesting!  I don’t want to spill the beans on what I’m doing but it’s been so much fun working on these projects that I wanted to give you an update! But don’t forget it’s still a work in progress so I’m not sharing all the details!!;)

Can you guess what this is? I had a previous post about making your own headboard. It’s time for an upgrade and a fabric change. Removing duct tape and t-pins from the previous upholstery has been a treat! I say that with sarcasm. More like tedious and sticky.

Well folks, I did decide to repaint these bad boys! As for the colour, I chose something that would pop and offer contrast to my new bedroom colour palette. All the vintage wood swirls have made my fingers ache from sanding. I should have listened to my own advice to use a liquid sander!

And finally,my edges are taped and ready to go!!

So it seems like things are starting to fall into place, but keep your fingers crossed just in case. Stay tuned for the big reveal!! Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog!

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