Simple Tips for a Bathroom Makeover

Staying on top of interior design trends is always a good idea whether you’re looking to put your house up for sale, or if you just want to keep your interior style modern and fresh. Regardless, there are lots of simple design hacks that can give you a more modern and fresh look without breaking the bank!

Moving into my place, I felt like the bathroom was in a serious need of an upgrade. Unfortunately I got on it so quickly, that I never took photos of what it looked like before I started the makeover. I’ve put together some simple-low cost-ideas to help you give your bathroom a makeover!

Change the paint on the walls

My bathroom walls started out being a “Robin’s Egg” blue. I didn’t like the colour. It didn’t go with my decor. It had to go. For simplicity sake, I went neutral and chose the same colour as the rest of my apartment’s walls, which is a “Graceful Gray” by Behr. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint, can make all the difference!


Change your bathroom vanity lighting

Most condos come with pretty standardized light fixtures, albeit boring, unless you upgrade. It’s a relatively quick and easy fix if you can do the wiring, or know someone who can help you! I chose this light fixture because I especially liked the spot lighting and how you can direct the light into the areas you need to brighten up ($60). This was also a good upgrade for my bathroom as I don’t have a window in it. Check out the Home Depot or Lowe’s to find some great bathroom vanity lights!


Upgrade your shower head

Again, a pretty standard shower head came with the condo, so I upgraded to a Moen 5 setting shower head ($40). I love having the different settings on the shower especially on workout days when I need a massage!


Change the toilet seat

I think it’s a pretty good idea to change the toilet seat, even if you’re renting, for hygienic reasons (just my opinion). It has to be the simplest of all upgrades and changes. This toilet seat has a slow close feature, which I love! You can find them for around $20.


Add in some lovely accents on your counter top, or a fun shower curtain!





Hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring! Have fun doing your own bathroom makeover!


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