Make Your Own Gallery Wall At Home

I’ve always envisioned having a gallery wall in my home, and I’ve seen some really great ones which were my inspiration. Some monochromatic with an accent of gold, some with a mix of fames and symbols.  Being realistic to my style, it was going to be a mish-mash.

There’s really no method to where I got the frames from. I collected them over time, and they are from so many different places like Ikea, Zellers, Deserres, garage sales and my mom’s closet.

The inspiration for my gallery wall comes from wanting to showcase my art, as well as photography and artwork from places I’ve travelled to.


The beautiful beaches in Goa, India and Portugal. The vastness of the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. The zebra masks we haggled over in Stone Town, Zanzibar. My first painting on a tile that I did in the Dominican. Adventures all over South America, from Machu Picchu, to Corcovado and La Boca. And of course the city skyline view of Toronto.


Every time I moved I tried to find new ways to arrange these frames. Before I had a system, I would just start hammering away to put them up, but each time there was too much or too little space in between. I’d have to make more and more nail holes to adjust the frame. I made way too many holes in the wall!

So, I started using a new process which is amazing to help plan the space, visualize what it will look like, and systematically organize your wall with as few “error holes” as possible!

With my present collection, I started by laying the frames out on the floor, bearing in mind the length of the wall. Here is where you can easily arrange them how you want and see how it will look.

Then I used paper to stencil and cut out the size of each frame.


Using painters tape I then created the same arrangement from the floor, onto the wall. Here is where you can adjust the space in between frames.img_20161030_173243

img_20161030_173620Once all your frame stencils are up, I recommend making a pencil marking of where the nail would go.  This sometimes requires measuring the back of the frame to account for the 1″lip, to where the nail goes.

Once I had made my nail holes, I removed all the paper. Finally comes the best and most satisfying part, putting up all the frames. I’m sure you’ll agree that this method is more time consuming, but with less “error nail holes” your walls will thank you!!


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