A Vintage Table With A New Use

I saw a post on Instagram by @cottonstem about sharing old things you use in your home and have given new life, and I have just the perfect piece to share.

This table was originally owned by my mother when she was a single gal living in New York City in the 70’s. She picked up the pair (yes! there are 2 of them!) at a flea market in Queens.

These vintage tables have such beautiful detail, and even the worn finish, which they have acquired over time, is spectacular.img_3548

With every place she moved, she brought the tables along too. Growing up, I remember these tables occupied the front entrance of our family home. Standing strong and proud, they showcased my mother’s most prized vases. When my parents became empty nesters, they decided to downsize to a condo, and sadly these tables no longer had a home.


Before they could give them away, I quickly snatched them up! Similar to my mother, these tables have also moved with me everywhere I’ve lived! In my home, these tables are doing a darn good job of being bedside tables, and more immediately showcasing my plants indoors and keeping them exposed to sunlight which they will greatly need over the upcoming winter months. Oh how I envy many of you bloggers who live in warmer climates!!!

I really like them just the way they are, but I’ve been debating whether they need a fresher look or not? To all the vintage lovers and restored furniture lovers out there, what do you think?


So that’s the story behind these vintage tables, something old being used for something fresh and new!

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