Empty Frame Decor

I took the past couple days off to rest and recover after the Toronto Marathon. It also gave me some time to finally get around to putting up these frames! See how I did!

So just a recap, I picked up these frames from the Ottawa street side walk sale in Hamilton a few weeks back. Amidst all the antique and repurposed furniture at the sale, I found a pile of frames and picked out these. I loved how rustic and weathered they looked. The detail, colour and size were also things that stood out to me.


These frames didn’t come with a back piece, but all have a wooden ledge that made it easy to hang.


This is a better shot to show the weathered textures and detail of the frames.



I plan to do a post about how arrange your frames to make your own gallery wall, so stay tuned for that! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

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