Tips For Fall Decorating

Thanksgiving Day is my favourite holiday. Not only did I get to celebrate with the family yesterday, but we feasted on a roasted turkey, spaghetti squash grattin, acorn squash stuffed with apple and sausage…I could go on, but I’m just making myself hungry again. I love this time of year, because the leaves are starting to change colour. Outside the air is crisp but not cold, and so pleasant to enjoy a post turkey walk.

With fall officially upon us, it may be time to make some seasonal changes to your decor. That being said, they don’t have to be big changes. Decorating for fall can be really fun playing around with seasonal decor like bare branches, pine cones, pumpkins or gourds of all kinds.


Try to incorporate natural colours like purple, mustard yellows and gray. Finally (and I’d say my favourite of all), add in a variety of textures. You can’t go wrong with fur pillows, or knit pillow case covers, a heavier duvet or a fur throw.


Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and your families!!



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