Make Your Own Gallery Wall At Home

I’ve always envisioned having a gallery wall in my home, and I’ve seen some really great ones which were my inspiration. Some monochromatic with an accent of gold, some with a mix of fames and symbols.  Being realistic to my style, it was going to be a mish-mash. Continue reading “Make Your Own Gallery Wall At Home”

A Modified Bathroom Home Design

October is Occupational Therapy month! If you’ve never met an Occupational Therapist (OT) before, well you’re in luck! Here I am! And here’s my plug for OT! Occupational Therapy is one of the many health professions empowering people of any age to overcome physical and cognitive barriers to continue having the skills needed for the job of living.

Continue reading “A Modified Bathroom Home Design”

Tips For Fall Decorating

Thanksgiving Day is my favourite holiday. Not only did I get to celebrate with the family yesterday, but we feasted on a roasted turkey, spaghetti squash grattin, acorn squash stuffed with apple and sausage…I could go on, but I’m just making myself hungry again. I love this time of year, because the leaves are starting to change colour. Outside the air is crisp but not cold, and so pleasant to enjoy a post turkey walk. Continue reading “Tips For Fall Decorating”