Simple Techniques For DIY Abstract Art

How many times have you looked at an abstract painting and thought “I could do that!”? While abstract painting may be easy for some, it can be quite challenging for others mostly because there are no rules with abstract art. It’s up to you to express yourself however you’d like! Years ago I took watercolour classes and while I did like it, I wasn’t very good. I mostly remember my teacher mixing the colours for me and telling me where to paint! Hence the rules!  What I love about abstract art is the freedom of expression and not having to follow any rules.

This painting I did sort of happened by accident, and over time. I was in the mood for painting so I went out to DeSerres, and picked up the canvas and some acrylic paints.

Using a roller paint brush I painted the whole canvas a cream colour and then I splattered bright pink paint. I know you’re probably thinking, “um that’s not what I see”. Well I didn’t like it, so I painted over it with gold acrylic paint, so you may see some pink hues in there. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it next, but eventually settled on painting really big circles in a cream colour acrylic paint. I just squeezed it out of the bottle in big circles to make a less perfect circle but with defined edges. When that dried, guess what, I didn’t like it either. I figured I had time to wipe the slate clean so I put the painting in the shower to wash off the circles I had just done. Turns out some of it had dried, but interestingly, when I couldn’t wash anymore off, I was left with this really interesting design. I loved it!


I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means but if you are new to abstract art and want some guidance on where to start, here are some easy techniques you can use  to create your own abstract paintings.

  1. Layer your paints ( I try to do lighter colours first and darker on top, but again no rules!)
  2. Use tape (This is a really neat technique which I will talk more about in an upcoming stay tuned!)
  3. Flicking your brush
  4. Using a water gun (yes, a water gun helps to splatter paint)
  5. Using gravity to draw the paint down the canvas non uniformly
  6. Using water or washing your canvas
  7. Using a sponge to either roll it or dab your canvas



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