My Cozy Living Room Layers

I stumbled on this lovely post by @crazywonderfulblog about showing off the layers in your home! I’m so excited to share my #howyouhome and submit it into the challenge!


I think the best way to showcase my layers of how I added depth, warmth, character and style is to tell you more about the colours and materials I chose.

It’s pretty trendy to go neutral, so I did the same. I stuck to black, grey, beige and white when choosing my colour scheme. So you can see the grey on the walls and a cream colour trim, as well as the white couch, the pattern on the accent chairs, and the zebra print pillows.


I wanted to introduce some cool tones with silver and chrome, so I was able to do this mostly in pieces like the lamp, the rug (which is so soft and fluffy), and the base of the coffee table. Because it’s a small space, I chose a glass top coffee table so it wouldn’t be a heavy piece of furniture and wouldn’t block any light.


I chose teal as my accent colour of course, which is also a cool tone. I think the teal stands out nicely from the neutral colours. I made these decorative throw covers using fabric that incorporated a teal/turquoise and white.  I found other ways to incorporate the same colour in a throw blanket and the side table. While I was in India, I picked up these elephant decorative throws at a market. They were irresistible!




While my space is decorated my cool tones, it is a warm cozy space. The evening sun warms my living room, and the soft fabrics make it exceptionally welcoming to curl up and read a book! I think the colours and furniture pieces I chose definitely give my space lots of character, and also really emphasizes my style!




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