Favourite Fall DIY Inspirations

Fall is fast approaching and we have plenty of reminders with Back-to-School, just around the corner, and the Canadian National Exhibition which comes to a close on Monday. If you haven’t been yet this year, you need to go catch the air show, not to mention eat something crazy and deep fried.

The change of seasons, is a time of new beginnings, re-evaluating goals, and for some, redecorating! I love decorating with little reminders that bring the season’s special feelings inside my home.

Some of my favourite things about fall include pumpkins, leaves, acorns, Thanksgiving… not so much Halloween and the spooky stuff. And the DIY possibilities are endless, so I’ve been thinking about some fall DIY projects which I’m happy to share:

One. Make a fall centrepiece with an overflowing array of pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, fall foliage, and maybe even a candle. Perhaps something like this one!

IMG_3409 (1)

Two. Make (or purchase, your call) some fall inspired decorative throws. Since we’ve established you can’t have too many! If you’re new to sewing, pillows are a great place to start.


Three. Crochet! I popped into a few yarns stores this past week and felt some inspiration brewing. I also had a deja-vu back to last years winter days of crocheting and Netflix (which by the way is an excellent combo).


Fall is a warm and welcoming season filled with so many trends that inspire great design and DIY projects. What are some of your favourite fall DIY inspirations? And what kinds of projects will you be taking on this fall? Hope you have some fun this season designing and DIY-ing!

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