Simple Techniques For DIY Abstract Art

How many times have you looked at an abstract painting and thought “I could do that!”? While abstract painting may be easy for some, it can be quite challenging for others mostly because there are no rules with abstract art. Continue reading “Simple Techniques For DIY Abstract Art”

My Cozy Living Room Layers

I stumbled on this lovely post by @crazywonderfulblog about showing off the layers in your home! I’m so excited to share my #howyouhome and submit it into the challenge! Continue reading “My Cozy Living Room Layers”

Before and After DIY Dresser Makeover

It’s been a great Labour Day long weekend filled with good food, relaxing times, great hiking adventures and even better company. It also felt like the perfect weekend to take on a DIY project! Continue reading “Before and After DIY Dresser Makeover”

Favourite Fall DIY Inspirations

Fall is fast approaching and we have plenty of reminders with Back-to-School, just around the corner, and the Canadian National Exhibition which comes to a close on Monday. If you haven’t been yet this year, you need to go catch the air show, not to mention eat something crazy and deep fried. Continue reading “Favourite Fall DIY Inspirations”