Can you really have too many pillows?

OK be honest, how many pillows do you have to toss aside to make room for yourself to get into bed at night? Just the essentials? 2 decorative throws? 4 decorative throws? Or how about to make room on your couch for a seat?

I was recently engaged in some “pillow talk” with a few friends and had was amazed to find out that I was the winner with a total of 9 pillows on my bed! 2 essentials, and 7 decorative! And believe me that took a lot of will power to cap it there!

Decorative pillows, love’em or hate’em, they are amazing accent pieces and are often a quick and easy way to redecorate. You can find them in all different shapes, sizes with different fabrics and prints. So how can you pick just a few?

I agree that there is a fine between stylish and over-decorating. So what do you think? How many is too many? Or can you really have too many pillows?

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