5 Reasons Why Turquoise Jewelry Is A Must Have

Happy weekend! It’s 40 degrees and really humid which to me means, a perfect day for ice cream! While I’ve been deliberating over going to get an ice cream, it has starting raining, and I hear thunder in the distance. So I what will I do now on this indoor-recess day?? I settled on making jewellery, which is one of my favourite past times! Toronto has some really great beading stores in the fashion district. Each store carries different things to suit your style, or your mood. Everything from semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals to handmade beads.


Today I was in a turquoise mood. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, and not to mention, one of my favourite gemstones. Why? I’ll tell you 5 reasons and these reasons will make you want some turquoise of your own!


1)It’s A Statement Piece                                                                                                                             Turquoise is found in an array of colour from blue to green. So find the colour that suits you the most, regardless it’s going to be bold. Even if you aren’t bold, the jewelry will say it for you, thereby making it an excellent statement piece! Just count how many compliments you get on your turquoise jewelry. It’s a fact, everyone loves a good statement piece.

2)Turquoise goes with just about anything                                                                                             I’ve paired turquoise with just about every colour in my wardrobe and whether you’re going for a sophisticated, stylish look or boho-chic, it all works!

3)You can wear it year round                                                                                                                         I’ve always thought of turquoise as a stone worn best in the summer, but it looks really good with fall and winter trends, knitwear and plaid.

4) It’s easy to care for                                                                                                                                      Turquoise is a hard stone but the surface can still be scratched unlike a diamond or sapphire in comparison. So, it is best to store it in a jewelry box. It’s not recommended to wear in the shower, in the pool or when you’re putting on makeup, due to the chemicals which an affect the colour of the stone. So if you can avoid this you’re golden.

5)It’s low cost                                                                                                                                                      The cost depends on the size or weight of the stone. So naturally, a heavier stone will be more expensive. Turquoise is mined in a few places like the United States, Mexico and China, so it’s not rare. Something else to be aware of is that there are a lot of synthetic and imitation stones on the market.


It looks like the rain is finally coming to an end as I see some blue skies ahead. I think i’ll sport my turquoise earrings and go get that ice cream!


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