How to Build a Low Cost Trellis Using Bamboo

I couldn’t wait for the winer to be over and spring to arrive so I could start planting and working on my balcony garden. I had always wanted to build a trellis and thought this would look really nice in my garden so I figured this was a great opportunity to try!  The only challenge was, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it. There are so many different styles and sizes of trellises. I really like the lattice style chevron trellis, but it looks challenging to build and ultimately I was looking for ideas that are a relatively low cost and easy.

In the spring, Dollarama had put out various outdoors/garden items in their seasonal section. That’s where I found an expandable bamboo fence, which lengthened to 6ft. The beauty of DIY is that you can make it whatever size you want. I wanted to make my trellis 5 ft so I needed to build a frame to keep it at that length.

I went over to Home Depot and they helped me find the appropriate wood, which was pressure treated and roughly 1″ thickness. They also cut the wood for me. So for 1 trellis I had two 60″ pieces of wood, and six 12″ pieces of wood. I also picked up 2.5″ screws (12), 1″screws (6) and 6 clips. Next step was to put it together, but before I go on, I’ll write out the materials I used.

Here is what you’ll need to build one trellis:

1 Bamboo fence (12″height, 72″length when expanded)-Dollarama

Two 60″pieces of pressure treated wood

Six 12″ pieces of pressure treated wood

Twelve 2.5″ screws

Six 1″ screws

Six Clips


IMG_20160702_152616So from the picture above you can see how I intended to position the wood pieces with the bamboo on top. Back at home, I used a pencil to mark the screw holes every 12″ (roughly) along the 60″pieces. Then my dad helped me use the drill to make the holes.


I used the 2.5″ screws in each holes when putting the frame together.(And again had some help on this one!)

Once the frame was done, we screwed the bamboo to the frame using the clips and 1″screws.

And here it is! So this project cost about $12, and took only a few hours to build. I’m pretty happy with the end product. Now I’m off to learn more about vines!


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