Can you really have too many pillows?

OK be honest, how many pillows do you have to toss aside to make room for yourself to get into bed at night? Just the essentials? 2 decorative throws? 4 decorative throws? Or how about to make room on your couch for a seat? Continue reading “Can you really have too many pillows?”

5 Reasons Why Turquoise Jewelry Is A Must Have

Happy weekend! It’s 40 degrees and really humid which to me means, a perfect day for ice cream! While I’ve been deliberating over going to get an ice cream, it has starting raining, and I hear thunder in the distance. So I what will I do now on this indoor-recess day?? Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Turquoise Jewelry Is A Must Have”

How to Build a Low Cost Trellis Using Bamboo

I couldn’t wait for the winer to be over and spring to arrive so I could start planting and working on my balcony garden. I had always wanted to build a trellis and thought this would look really nice in my garden so I figured this was a great opportunity to try! ย The only challenge was, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it. Continue reading “How to Build a Low Cost Trellis Using Bamboo”