Creative idea: DIY Wooden Garden Ladder

A couple weeks ago I came home to find about 7 or 8 items being junked outside the condo. From within the pile, I could see a broken tv stand, a dresser with no drawers, a couple pallets, a few other items which were unidentifiable and finally this giant wooden contraption I instantly knew I wanted…


The possibilities were endless of what I could do with it..a rustic wood wall, a wooden planter….a wooden garden ladder?

I’ve been wanting something to keep my plants on outside and when it gets cold out to bring inside. So I’m definitely going to make a wooden garden ladder with this wood. I climbed within the furniture junk pile, relocating items to I could get to this wooden thing. Once I had safely reached it,  I carried it inside.

Using a drill I got to work removing all the screws and laying the slats in piles, but as I was doing this I noticed a few of the slats were held together by multiple screws, and once those were removed the slats literally crumbled apart! It appears that someone else was having trouble working with this wood which may explain how it ended up in the junk pile.


This wood was really poor quality and kept breaking in a few places leaving me with lots of smaller scraps. Perhaps I could salvage the good pieces, but really, over time I don’t know how durable it will be.


Too bad. Looks like my dream DIY wooden garden ladder will have to wait until another day. But for now I’ll take the slats back down to the junk pile. On a positive note, at least I made the garbage collectors job easier!

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