Glam up your mirror with feathers

Do you have a boring mirror that you want to jazz up? or simply want to make your mirror look a little bit more glamorous? I’ll show you some simple steps to do just that!

Years ago I bought this pack of feathers that were absolutely beautiful. All neutral colours, but they were a mix of dark, light, solids, animal patterns. I used them to make a few pairs of earrings, but once I had done that, I had no use for these feathers! So like many things, they sat on a shelf until I came up with an idea of what to do with them.

My parents were downsizing a few years back and while my mom and I visited many condo show rooms to get interior design ideas for their new place, I remember walking into this bedroom and seeing this feather art piece hanging on the wall. It was all white feathers in a round circle. There were so many which made them look so fluffy and soft. The only thing about it I didn’t like about it was the center. It looked unfinished. If only the designer had put a jewel or a mirror in , I think it would have looked better. Then I remembered I had those feathers collecting dust on a shelf! So I thought I would give my idea a try. I was on the lookout for a round mirror, which I did eventually find at Zellers. (Remember Zellers?!). The mirror I picked up had a plastic frame around it, which I also recommend if you choose to do this, because it makes the next step much easier.


I cut a round piece of cardboard leaving enough space in the center for the mirror to be visible, and made it about 3” wide. Using a glue gun, I glued the cardboard circle on top of the mirror’s plastic frame. Once that was dry, I started placing and gluing a layer of feathers to the cardboard from the outside of the circle towards the inside. Doing it this way will ensure that your feathers are nicely layered and appear quite fluffy! I recommend just gluing a small part of the feather’s stem so again the feather can be airy. It took me the whole weekend to place the feathers in layers around in a circle, and while doing this I watched movies to take my mind off of this tedious task. This is what it looked like from the back.


IMG_20160717_153901Once everything dried, I found a nice bit of wall space to hang it up! I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. My mom asked me to make one for her, except bigger. I’m going to have to work up some mental energy before taking on that task!

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