How to make your own magnetic picture frames


It’s so easy to stick up photos on the fridge and over time you can create quite a collection! Am I right? But how how long do your photos stay up? And what kind of shape are they looking ? Because I’ll tell you, my fridge photos get all curved and bow shaped. Does this sound familiar? Thankfully you don’t have to settle for tacky magnets and tape. I’ll show you how to not only dress up your fridge but make some relatively inexpensive magnetic picture frames.

Here’s what you will need:

Decorative paper (I used scrapbooking paper)IMG_20160619_210710
Adhesive Magnetic Roll
Glue stick





1.)Take your 4×6” mat, and use it to stencil 4×6” mats on your cardboard. Make as many as you need!


2.) Cut out the 4×6”cardboard pieces.

3.)Take your cardboard 4×6”mats and place it on your decorative paper. You need to cut a slightly larger rectangle on the paper because you’ll need the excess paper to fold I recommend cutting an extra 1” …so about 5×7”.


4.) Cut that rectangle out. I also cut diagonal slits from the corner of the paper to the corner of the cardboard to help with folding.

5.) Glue the paper to the cardboard, folding the paper around the cardboard nice and tight.


6.) Cut your adhesive magnetic roll into 1” strips. Stick four, one on each corner to the back of your cardboard frame.


Now just repeat those steps for all your frames. I chose 4×6” because I have so many pictures on my fridge, and it’s a pretty common size, but the beauty of DIY is that you can customize it to the size you want!



Since putting up the frames my photos almost look different! You can also play around with your arrangement of the photos and swap them out at your will. The frames add more colour into my kitchen, plus the best part of all, no more bowed edges! What kind of refrigerator magnet frame are you going to make?

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