Creative idea: DIY Wooden Garden Ladder

A couple weeks ago I came home to find about 7 or 8 items being junked outside the condo. From within the pile, I could see a broken tv stand, a dresser with no drawers, a couple pallets, a few other items which were unidentifiable and finally this giant wooden contraption I instantly knew I wanted… Continue reading “Creative idea: DIY Wooden Garden Ladder”

How to make your own magnetic picture frames


It’s so easy to stick up photos on the fridge and over time you can create quite a collection! Am I right? But how how long do your photos stay up? And what kind of shape are they looking ? Because I’ll tell you, my fridge photos get all curved and bow shaped. Does this sound familiar? Thankfully you don’t have to settle for tacky magnets and tape. I’ll show you how to not only dress up your fridge but make some relatively inexpensive magnetic picture frames. Continue reading “How to make your own magnetic picture frames”